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The Nu source code is managed with Git. You can browse the Nu repository at

Release History

date release notes
15-Apr-2013 Nu-2.1.0 Built-in markup operators.
02-Sep-2011 Nu-2.0.1 Better init handling and parsing.
25-Aug-2011 Nu-2.0.0 Simplifications and improvements for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion).
17-Nov-2009 Nu-0.4.0 A new macro operator, support for Debian Linux.
03-Dec-2008 Nu-0.3.3 Community-contributed enhancements.
08-Jun-2008 Nu-0.3.2 WWDC08 update.
22-Mar-2008 Nu-0.3.1 Cross-platform (Linux and iPhone) support, Apache License v2.0, bug fixes.
13-Feb-2008 Nu-0.3.0 First Leopard-only version. Protocol creation, optional 64-bit support, proxy improvements, better bridge support.
12-Dec-2007 Nu-0.2.4 Initial BridgeSupport, Nu methods that accept pass-by-reference arguments, min/max operators, concatenate strings with the '+' operator.
7-Dec-2007 Nu-0.2.3 Support for invocation-based undo, nil converts to zero on bridge crossings, C-style ternary operator, Leopard warnings cleaned up.
26-Nov-2007 Nu-0.2.2 More assorted improvements: enhancements to the TextMate bundle, preliminary support for CoreData applications, and a fix to allow NuAnywhere to work on Mac OS 10.5.
12-Nov-2007 Nu-0.2.1 Assorted practical improvements: nuke terminates on build errors, MacPorts build support changes merged, new NSArray sortedArrayUsingBlock: and eachInReverse: methods, new test macros, assorted crashes fixed, new example program (MailDemo), blocks and functions now can be defined to accept variable numbers of arguments, % operator, and much-improved syntax highlighting in the TextMate bundle.
17-Oct-2007 Nu-0.2.0 String escape sequences, character and regular expression literals, "true" closures (closures on bindings), NuAnywhere example
11-Oct-2007 Nu-0.1.4 new ScreenSaver example, nuke support for building bundles
05-Oct-2007 Nu-0.1.3 more error handling improvements, minor build enhancements for MacPorts, small changes to better match user expectations
02-Oct-2007 Nu-0.1.2 improved error handling to reduce problems for new users
30-Sep-2007 Nu-0.1.1 public release; contains a few small build improvements
27-Sep-2007 Nu-0.1.0 preview