A Bundle for TextMate Users

You can get the Nu TextMate bundle via the nutmbundle command line tool which should have been installed when you installed Nu. Running this command will fetch the bundle and install it. Using this tool assumes that you have Git installed.

Optionally, if you're the do-it-yourself type, visit Github for instructions on installing the bundle manually.

See your Nu code more easily with syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting is available for your Nu source code, making your development experience a little easier to manage. Easily scan your code for method declarations, Nuke tasks, and more!

Run your code without leaving TextMate

The Command-R command will cause TextMate to evaluate the Nu code in the current window using nush, the Nu shell and display the results in a new window. This is a great way to incrementally build and test components and nush scripts.

Additionally, you can use the Shift-Command-R command to run the Nu test case in the current window via nutest.

Automatically reformat your code

Another useful command included in the bundle is Ctrl-Shift-H, which runs nubile to automatically reformat and indent your Nu code.

Insert code via snippets

Snippets are included to make inserting commonly used code much easier. Snippets are included to insert:

  • Flow of control statements such as if, case, and cond
  • Commonly used commands such as load and parse
  • Class and method declarations
  • Nukefile tasks
  • And many more!

A community effort

Additions to the bundle are always welcome. Check out the Github guides for instructions on getting your own copy of the TextMate bundle code and submitting your changes back to the official repository.