Nu on github

Tuesday March 18, 2008

Along with the Nu git repository, there is a growing number of Nu-related projects on github.

Some of the projects that I've posted include:

  • Nunja, a libevent-based web server that I've tested on MacOS and Linux.
  • The NuPagePacker example Cocoa application.
  • A NuiPhone project containing an iPhone "Hello World" in Nu.
  • NuTcl, a wrapper for John Ousterhout's Tcl interpreter. You can use it to embed Tcl in a Nu/Objective-C application and create new Tcl commands with Nu. This has also been tested on both MacOS and Linux.
  • NuMySQL and NuPostgreSQL, primitive but usable interfaces to the MySQL and PostgreSQL database systems.
  • NuYAML, Patrick Thomson's YAML-processing package.
  • NuMarkdown, Grayson Hansard's Markdown package.

Patrick has also posted Nuki, early work to build a wiki with Nu, and Grayson recently posted NuSmartyPants, another text formatting package.

github is proving itself to be a great way to collaborate. Come join us!