Thursday August 25, 2011

Nu 2.0 is now available through a binary installer.

See the downloads page for this update to Nu.

Nu 2.0 is a simpler, smaller version that uses new features in iOS 4.3 and Mac OS 10.7 to eliminate external dependencies and a few internal components.

  • NSRegularExpression replaces PCRE.
  • imp_implementationWithBlock() is used to generate method implementations. Previously we used libFFI for this on MacOS and a precompiled pool of method handlers on iOS. Now this pool is no longer needed.
  • The NuSymbolTable is now just an NSMutableDictionary.

To make it easier to add Nu as a drop-in component of iOS and Mac apps, the source code has been combined into two files, Nu.h and Nu.m. These are currently available in the "amalgamated" branch in the git repository, and will likely be the primary source for Nu going forward.

Nu 2.0 is intended for systems running Mac OS 10.7 or iOS 4.3 and their successors. For conciseness and simplicity, support for all other platforms is dropped.