a Nu testing tool

About nutest

nutest is a test harness and a top-level class that is used to define unit tests. New groups of tests are created by writing subclasses of the NuTestCase class; individual tests are instance methods of these subclasses. A few common assertions are defined as macros and more can be easily added. Tests may be run individually or in groups.

Here's an example from the Nu regressions:

(class TestArray is NuTestCase
     (imethod (id) testCreate is
          (set a (NSMutableArray arrayWithList:'(1 2))) 
          (a << "three")
          (assert_equal 3 (a count))
          (assert_equal 2 (a 1))
          (assert_equal "three" (a 2))))           


nutest is run with a list of filename patterns as arguments. For example, to run the Nu tests from the Nu root directory, the "nuke test" task executes the following command:

nutest test/test_*.nu