Monday October 1, 2007

This is Programming Nu, a website that I created to describe a new programming language that I named Nu.

On the right you'll find links to news, downloads, documentation, examples, and more. The examples range from simple to complex; please read them before you start your own Nu programs. There's also a link to a Google group where we can talk more about Nu.

Creating Nu has been so much fun that it has been tempting to keep all that fun to myself. But Nu is a language for creating and working with components, and I think that by sharing it, I'll find that a lot of wonderful things grow from it.

While it's not a requirement of the license, I hope that the people who use Nu use it to create open source components and products. My own experience with this has been striking: of the headaches I've suffered on the way to Nu, the vast majority came from having to guess what was happening inside opaque, closed-source components and tools. It's time to move to something better, even if we have to make it ourselves.

If the past is a guide, it will be a lot of fun.