a Nu documentation generator

About nudoc

The nudoc utility automatically extracts documentation from Objective-C headers and Nu source files. The results are a set of html files that describe all of the classes and methods in the sources read.

Modeled on Ruby's RDoc and Apple's HeaderDoc, the goal of nudoc is the automatic generation of reference documentation for programs written in Nu and Objective-C. Documentation is organized logically and without regard to a class or method's implementation language.

Currently, nudoc is a single 850-line Nu source file that includes parsing code, page templates, and a stylesheet. It reads both Nu and Objective-C source files and generates an index and documentation pages for each file and class.


Run nudoc in a directory containing Nu and Objective-C source files. Currently nudoc expects Nu source files to be in a directory named nu and Objective-C source files to be in a directory named objc. Documentation is generated and placed in a new directory named doc.

Normally nudoc would be run with no options to generate a generic documentation set. The documentation for the Programming Nu website is generated by running nudoc with the following invocation:

% nudoc -site